Pool Liners


Install or Replace Your Pool Liners With the Professionals

Taking care of your pool is a must. How else can you enjoy your backyard paradise? Once you realize your pool liners have to be replaced whether it’s inground pool liners or above ground pool liners, your first question is: who will do the job right? We can!

Our customer service team believes in a consultative approach, working side by side with our customers to guarantee their satisfaction. We work for you and want to make sure your “pool paradise” is in top shape. Whether it’s pool liner installation or pool liner replacement, our impeccable service and attention to detail will leave you with the perfect fitting top Canadian-made pool liners.

Canadian- Made Top Quality Inground Pool Liners

Our pool liners are made of the best Canadian made vinyl on the market. We use the latest picture technology to ensure your inground pool liners have the perfect fit.

Even sweeter? Whether it’s for pool liner replacement or pool liner installation, we have many patterns to choose from and competitive prices.

Pool Liner Replacement Protects the Life of Your Pool

The life span of pool liners is 10-15 years, depending on the quality of the pool liner. If your pool liners are leaking, don’t wait—be sure to sign up for pool liner installation and pool liner replacement. Be on the watch as inground pool bottoms can erode and walls can rust if the liner is leaking.

Pay attention to these cues that pool liner replacement is in your pool’s future:
• If your above ground pool liners are faded or scaled; replace, replace, replace!
• If your pool liner is leaking or you want a fresh look to your pool: replace!


Pool Liner Installation and Pool Liner Replacement: Don’t Wait!

Replacing your inground pool liners is easy when Water & Wellness is on the job.
The best time for pool liner replacement and pool liner installation is in the fall; that way the pool does not drain out over the winter, risking damage to your pool and backyard paradise.

Of course, spring is a popular time for pool liner replacement and installation, but if your pool is leaking going into the winter, don’t hesitate to call the pros.

For the best quality and attention to detail with your pool liner installation or replacement, call us at 1 877 881 0746.