Replacement Hot Tub Covers

We offer replacement covers for any make and model of hot tub. We need a few simple measurements along with your colour preference and we can order it in. Our covers are top quality materials and available in various thicknesses and foam densities for every need and budget. We also offer the new Smartop hot tub cover that is designed to last as long as your hot tub.

Hot Tub Covers

Standard Foam Hot Tub Cover

We offer a full range of foam replacement hot tub covers for any make and model of hot tub. There are about 4 different foam inserts available for hot tub covers:

3”-2” with 1.5 lb foam—light duty, only recommended for indoor use

4”-3” with 1.5 lb foam—standard duty, good for outside. Industry standard cover.

5”-4” with 1.5 lb foam—heavy duty, good for harsher environments.

5”-4” with 2 lb foam—extreme duty, walk on strength, perfect for heavy snow loads and the ultimate in energy efficiency.

We have many popular sizes in stock


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